What's up at Colfax City Hall

Mayor's Corner
By: Joshua Alpine
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An update on what’s happening at city hall
The Economic Development Commission held their first meeting last Friday.
Commission members received information and discussed the city’s CBDG business and housing rehabilitation loan programs, Internet access, sign ordinance, I-80 corridor and a new business ambassador program.
The commission will hold a workshop this evening starting at 5:30 in the City Council chambers at City Hall to determine strategies to strengthen current businesses and attract new companies to Colfax.
* * *
Council members Suzanne Roberts and Donna Barkle are planning another Colfax Vision Statement workshop.
They both have indicated they have received a number of comments from the community and would like to continue the exchange of ideas.
A time and location will be released soon.

* * *
Colfax Pool improvement plans are moving forward.
Last week the city received the architect’s analysis of the project.
The Colfax Pool was identified in the 2007 Colfax Parks and Recreation Master Plan as one of the recreation resources the community wanted to see upgraded.
The council is looking at upgrading the pool’s piping, filters, pumps, heater and facilities.
We are also exploring a retractable pool cover structure to facilitate year round use.
An upgraded facility would not only benefit Colfax residents, but would also attract other visitors to our city.

* * *
The Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce and the Colfax Historical Society have been working with the city on coordinating centennial events for the year.
The council would like to thank them for the wonderful Colfax birthday cake and ice cream served at the last council meeting.
They are doing a wonderful job and their efforts are much appreciated.

* * *
Watch for these upcoming community events:
* March 13 — Colfax Wrestling Green Machine Crab Feed at Sierra Vista Community Center
* March 13-14 — Centennial celebration train trip from Colfax to Reno
* March 20 — Flea market in Sierra Vista Community Center’s main parking lot.
* March 27 — Love peace swap at Sierra Center.
Joshua Alpine is mayor of Colfax.