What's with the headlines?

Letter to Editor
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Is this Colfax news? Charges were dropped against Doolittle. Get over it. Lobbyists are there to inform the Congressmen who can help their clients. It’s their job. Look at our state officials who are in Hawaii. The system needs to change, but I don’t like the headline in our local paper that should be on the editorial page. We should be looking into the attorney fees in connection with the Edwards lawsuit. That should be a scandal and outrage. Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies all have to accept controlled fees, for less than billed. Attorneys should be held to the same standards. Attorneys are overpaid. They overcharge and they are bankrupting the city. This should be the headline news. We should take care of our little city and support its efforts. The Colfax Record is a local paper, I can read national news elsewhere. Keep it local or cancel my subscription Helen Wayland, Colfax