Where are Sutter priorities?

Reader Input
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In an April letter to employees, (President and CEO of Sutter Health) Pat Fry announced that Sutter Health would make a charitable donation of $1 million to the Sacramento Kings. On the same day that this letter came out, Sutter Health also announced it would close the Auburn Family Birthing Center. This closure will leave infants and mothers in a very vulnerable position. By closing the Family Birthing Center, Sutter Health is creating a void for pregnant mothers which will exist from Truckee to Roseville. Mothers and infants will have to go extreme lengths to get the care they need. On the other hand, keeping the Kings in Sacramento will allow the highest paid CEO, Pat Fry, to get a fancy luxury box and give Sutter Health additional tax breaks for this shameful donation. A nonprofit health care system should try to provide the services that a community needs. Sutter Health posted a $810 million profit last year and instead of taking care of the people in the communities that it serves, it has decided to donate it to the billionaire Maloofs (owners of the Kings). It will be a shame if community leaders do not take a stand against this closure. Shawn Bartlett, Roseville, CNA labor representative