Wilson torn between Placer, Colfax during rivalry week

By: Dave Krizman Journal Sports Correspondent
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Dan Wilson has called the Auburn area home for most of his entire life. Other than a trip down to Sacramento to complete his degree at Sacramento State University, Wilson epitomizes the idea of a “homey.” The dominant color in his life has been green. Graduating in 1987, Wilson wore the green and gold as both a standout football and basketball player. In a 1986 game against then No. 1-ranked Nevada Union, Wilson caught three touchdown passes to lead the Hillmen to a stunning upset of the Miners. After completing his degree at Sacramento State, whose colors, by the way, are green and gold, Wilson returned to the Auburn area where he taught for several years at St. Joseph School. Wilson jumped at the opportunity to return to Placer as a teacher and coach. For the last 17 years, he has been a classroom teacher, and coached football for 10 seasons. This week, however, while the color green still dominates his life, the secondary color turns to white instead of gold. Wilson’s son, Michael, is the starting quarterback on the Colfax freshman football team. Wilson, like several other Placer teachers before him, is placed in the uncomfortable position of teaching at Placer but rooting for Colfax this week. “I get razzed by both sides (Placer and Colfax). Some of my friends will joke about it and give me a bad time. Then, there are some who take this a lot more seriously than I do,” Wilson said with a chuckle. “I’ll be one of only a few people at the game who will know kids on both sides of the ball. My students know my son is the quarterback on the team,” he added. Michael has been a key component on a Falcon freshman team that sports a 6-1 record. He has thrown10 touchdown passes, a huge number for a frosh quarterback, this season. “When I was a kid, I would go to the Placer games when my dad was coaching, and that’s all I thought about,” Michael said. “But I ended up going to Colfax because of all my friends.” For most of the season, it is easy for Wilson to root for both Placer and Colfax every week. However, when the two face one another, it puts him in an awkward position. While he wants the students in his class who play football to do well, he naturally wants his son and his team to do better. “I guess I just root for everyone to do well,” Wilson added. When asked the inevitable question, ‘Well, who are you rooting for?’ his response is 100 percent politician. “I’m rooting for the team with the green helmets.”