'Yes' vote on Measure P could save multiple lives

Letter to Editor
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If you live in the area protected by the Placer Hills Fire District (Applegate, Meadow Vista and Weimar), Measure P on the November ballot will affect your medical and fire protection. Proposition 13 (1978) set the amount of property tax monies a local government agency like your fire department, could spend. Over the past 30 years, because of increasing property values, the fire department share of these property taxes has gradually risen. The law requires us to get authorization from the taxpayers every four years to spend these already allocated funds A no vote on Measure P will require the state to withhold a significant portion of the fire department income. This would devastate our ability to staff fire engines and respond quickly to your emergencies. A “yes” vote on Measure P will keep those monies already allocated for the fire department in our community. A “yes” vote on P does not cost the taxpayers a cent more than they already pay, and will allow our fire department to continue to provide its current excellent level of protection. Please join me and vote “yes” on P. Ian Gow, Fire Chief Placer Hills Fire District