Library branch manager stepping down

Gunda Pramuk retiring Nov. 14, spent 10 years on the job in Colfax
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Gunda Pramuk doesn’t like attention and is uncomfortable talking about herself.
However, Pramuk, who is retiring Nov. 14 as the branch manager of the Colfax Library, said Tuesday that the last 10 years “have been wonderful.”
“One thing I will miss is the patrons,” Pramuk told the Colfax Record. “They are an interesting group of all ages.”
Libraries remain relevant in the 21st century, according to Pramuk.
“The library in a small town is an extension of the living room,” Pramuk said. “People of all socio-economic backgrounds use the library for various reasons — tutoring, job searching, family connections.
“In times past, the library was basically for research and reading,” Pramuk added. “Now it is a wide and diverse resource for people.”
Colfax resident Mary George, the Placer County director of library services, said she’s going to miss Pramuk.
“Gunda has created a warm and welcoming branch,” George said. “I’m really proud of what she’s done there. I live a block away.”
Pramuk is “full of fun and adventure,” George said.
George recalls the time Pramuk asked if the library could have a cat. For a variety of reasons, George had to tell Pramuk that the Colfax Library could not have a cat.
“Sometime after that, I was driving by the library and I looked in the window and saw a cat,” George said. “It looked like a live cat but it was a puppet she had placed up there. She likes to create whimsy.”
Colfax Library patron Nicole DuBois said she appreciates Pramuk’s warm greeting and friendly smile when she visits.
“She is truly an icon of Colfax and a very true person,” DuBois said. “Her presence will be much missed. In fact, most of us, even hearing of her retirement brought us to tears.”
Pramuk’s co-worker Mary Unholz said she has known Pramuk for several years.
“She is a true community treasure,” Unholz said. “She will be missed by our patrons as well as by her co-workers.”
Robin Guthrie, branch manager of the Foresthill Library, said Pramuk “is one of the most positive people” she ever met.
“She is genuinely interested in all people,” Guthrie said Tuesday. “Gunda is really community-oriented and she was good for that branch. It’s obvious by how popular that library has become over the years.”
“I’ve always wanted to go to one of her story times,” Guthrie added. “Adults like story time, too.”