Our View: Let’s move forward after outburst

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   The behavior by Colfax Mayor Pro Tem Tony Hesch at last week’s Colfax City Council meeting is not to be condoned.
   A volatile reaction to any topic, no matter how sensitive, is counterproductive.
   The fabric of our society is dependent on the mutual respect of every single person in our community.
   People make mistakes — sometimes harsh mistakes.
   Owning up to them swiftly and rectifying the behavior is imperative. It is a mark of good character that sets an example for getting back on track.
   With that, we respect that Hesch recognizes his unacceptable behavior, as reflected in his letter of apology published on this page. However, an apology directed to those in the audience at the council meeting and to the community as a whole is also in order. It is our hope that this, too, is forthcoming.
   Tolerance and display of good character is imperative to staying on track, especially in a community such as ours.
   Colfax is a city of resilience. Let’s move forward from this — respectfully.
   – The Colfax Record